A Pretty Bright New Year!

As a promised follow up to the 2011 Desktop Wallpapers from the other day, please enjoy this year’s printable desktop calendar.

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I welcome 2011 with a pocket full of color, a little bit of bang and hopefully end it with a really good BOOM!

Hope your new year is starting off with a colorful bang!

Please enjoy this year’s monthly calendar theme of desktop wallpapers (matching printable coming soon!).

In the coming months I will have many more fun freebies and exciting projects to share.

Make 2011 all it can be!

JANUARY:1920x1200 / FEBRUARY:1920x1200 / MARCH:1920x1200
APRIL:1920x1200 / MAY:1920x1200 / JUNE:1920x1200

JULY:1920x1200 / AUGUST:1920x1200 / SEPTEMBER:1920x1200
OCTOBER:1920x1200/ NOVEMBER:1920x1200 / DECEMBER:1920x1200

INVITATION SPOTLIGHT: In the forestYep! That’s right the RED HOT REDHEAD is taken!

I’m always excited to hear about engagements, especially when it’s someone I know.

I was honored to be asked to design the wedding stationery for a friend’s wedding.

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post_2010printcalEasy on your wallet. Easy on our earth.

This is the first in a series of DIY projects I will be creating for kelliemedivitz.com. I hope you enjoy creating and using this first one as much as I did.

As you may have already guessed from the desktop wallpaper project, I love calendars. Really, any kind–from desktop decor styles to ones I can carry in my pocket or hang on my wall.

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