Do you have something small but special to wrap!

Yes?, then this weeks wrap is just for you! Wrap it up in a couple dozen hearts and call it SWEETheart day!

This set includes, 1 8.5×10 wrap sheets and 8 mini gift tags.

Here’s the list of supplies you’ll need in addition to this downloadable PDF

Supplies Needed:

  1. diy project PDF
  2. cutting mat
  3. ruler
  4. x-acto knife
  5. scissors
  6. paper and card stock

Product Suggestions:


  1. Print page 2 of this PDF at 100% card stock (8.5×11) of your choice
  2. Print page 3 of this PDF at 100% text stock (8.5×11) of your choice
  3. Wrap your gift and away you go!

Ta-Da! There you have it! Your very own “Hearts To You” themed wrap set! Great for any of your gift giving occasions!

Here is what your final project will look like.

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  1. I gotta admit – I am loving all these free goodies! Your blog rocks! Thanks!
    Debbie B.

  2. belle007

    So pretty! Thanks very much.

  3. love this thank you so much xoxo