In the words of miss Sally Field… “I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”…

…well someone must or maybe someone cashed in some good karma points for my birthday this month. Whatever the reason I’ve been getting many more fuzzies since becoming a “pingger“.

This week I was lucky enough to be chosen as the staff pick of the week for my “Rainbow Circus” design. This design also come in a “Sweet 16” style.

Read all about it @ the pingg Blogg

Below are just a few more design I recently created for you to share with all your friends, family and party goers.

Listed clockwise from top left,

  1. Abstract – Pink (10 other color schemes)
  2. New Beginnings – Spread Our Wings (with and without saying)
  3. JudyBlooms – White (3 other color schemes)
  4. Hearts – Red & Blue (3 other color schemes)
  5. Abstract – Lime Green (10 other color schemes)
  6. JudyBlooms – Black ( 3 other color schemes)

A daisy scout fond farewell for the season!

Though our troop started late in the year the girls had a blast with many fun outings and visitors.

more information

A Very Special Wrap This Week!

A jammed pack wrap set plus a little something extra… a diaper cake!

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More Freebies Coming Your Way…

I’m so excited to share more fun and free stuff with you. The passed few days I’ve been addicted to and creating matching eCards and party invites for many of your favorite It’s A Wrap free printables.

It was a cherry topped Monday as I logged into my account to find I was a featured designer and my name was sitting right next to miss Martha! Such an awesome way to start a Monday morning. : )

Thank you to everyone for all your support. Now go send one of my free pingg cards to 500 of your closest friends LOL

Below are a few samples of the new eCards and invites with matching wrap sets. To view all the designs, hop on over to my pingg page.

  1. Midnight Honey Bee Blooms / eCard and Invite
  2. Paint The Town… / eCard and Invite
  3. Tweet Twitters / eCard and Invite
  4. Welcome To The Jungle / eCard and Invite
  5. Navy, Pink and Argyle / eCard and Invite
  6. Seaside Sketches / eCard and Invite

A Little Something For The Best Room MOM!

Along with having a great teacher to make my daughter’s first year of elementary school so special there was always someone working behind the scenes making sure everything ran smoothly.

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