Sparkle on the 4th!

A little something red, white and blue I whipped up just for you!

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A New Favorite Color Combo!

I have fallen in love with navy and pink over the past few months along with argyle print. It’s a Wrap is a little delayed due to a very busy and exciting week! Milestones have been crossed and are on the horizon. Personally and professionally for all in my house. I have something to announce* in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

In the mean time enjoy a sneak peek of next week’s wrap set with these desktop wallpapers!

*No I’m not preggers Mom, Robyn, Tresa… : )

ARGYLE 1:1920x1200 / ARGYLE 2:1920x1200
ARGYLE 3:1920x1200 / STRIPES:1920x1200

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Sunny Summer Is Coming!

A few doodly new “On-The-Go” books especially for you!

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More Berries For You!

Just in case you didn’t get enough berry goodness last week here is one more helping.

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… tis the season to berry it up but good!

Along with my new “On-The -Good” book set series, here are some fun berry desktop wallpaper selection for you to enjoy!

STRAWBERYY:1920x1200 / BLUEBERRY:1920x1200
CHERRY:1920x1200 / RAZZY:1920x1200

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