It's a Wrap!, Thank You : )

Happy New Year with a Big Thank You!!

About a year ago I started my site redesign. The goal was to make it fun and not a chore and incorporate weekly blog postings (much like this one).

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STATIONERY: AN APPLE A DAYTeacher inspired. Student approved.

This year’s holiday gift for teachers was personalized stationery.

Have a sneak peek of a upcoming free printable in the coming weeks.

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Card Spotlight Series - Special PresentSpecial presents are the best presents!

Is there a better way to celebrate a holiday season and ring in the new then with children?

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Card Spotlight Series: Our Christmas StoryThe annual “Holiday Letter” just got better… and a little less boring to look at!

Oh to count the ways of how much fun this card was to put together.

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Card Spotlight Merwy Kwithmith

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, so I can wish you a MERWY KWITHMITH!

A holiday card designed all around a little “Toothless Tilly”  : )

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