It's a Wrap!, Sassy StripsStrips for any occasion you desire.

This weeks it’s all about strips. Dark strips, light strips any type of strip strip!

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There was a time in my life(those dreadful high school years) that I thought for sure I would never get a chance to dawn formal wear. Well, properly for that matter.

Well fast forward to October 2001, I wore the prettiest dress I will ever put on. My wedding dress.  And of course, I designed my very own wedding invitations.

I love getting the chance to design, birthday invitations, holiday cards and all things stationery for friends and family so this contest was right up my alley. As mentioned, this is my very first design contest. Below are my entries that you can vote on. Please have a look, a vote and visit my page!

Oh La La in Paris | Vote for me

minted Oh La La

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It's A Wrap!, Fall is all a FlutterA fabulous fall gift wrap for any occasion.

This one is inspired by all things fall. The beautifully colored fall leaves, warm fuzzy slippers, pumpkin milkshakes, a crackling fire place, pumpkin milkshakes, flannel PJs, and… Oh, did I mention pumpkin milkshakes.  Okay, the design may not look like or resemble pumpkins or milkshakes, but those are the fall time things that make me happy.

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It's a Wrap!: "Orange You Green"

A birthday gift, a special thank you, or just a little way to say I’m thinking of you.

Oh, The goodies are especially good this week.  Seriously, and it’s FREE!

This one includes, 4, that’s 3 more than 1,  8.5×11 wraps and 12 gift tags (3 birthdays, 3 thank yous, 3 thinking of yous). Have any of those fancy stationary/gift wrap stores in the mall ever given you so much for your money.

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It's a Wrap! A Special SomethingA gift for any occasion.

Here’s another It’s a Wrap Friday with a bundle of possibilities. This one includes a gift pouch, a wrap, sticker labels and a basic gift card. Simple? Yes… Functional? You bet… Creativity? You decide… Use any combination of the “A Special Something…” items to make your gift(s) stand out from the rest.

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